Yellow (Hachikyu, 8th Kyu)

Orange (Shichikyu, 7th Kyu)

Purple (Rokkyu, 6th Kyu)

Blue (Gokyu, 5th Kyu)

Green (Yonkyu, 4th Kyu)


3rd Class Brown (Sankyu, 3rd Kyu)

2nd Class Brown (Nikyu, 2nd Kyu)

1st Class Brown (Ikkyu, 1st Kyu)


1st Degree Black (Shodan, 1st Dan)

2nd Degree Black (Nidan, 2nd Dan)

3rd Degree Black (Sandan, 3rd Dan)

4th Degree Black (Yodan, 4th Dan)

5th Degree Black (Godan, 5th Dan)


6th Degree Black (Rokudan, 6th Dan)

7th Degree Black (Nidan, 7th Dan)

8th Degree Black (Sandan, 8th Dan)


9th Degree Black (Kudan, 9th Dan)

10th Degree Black (Judan, 10th Dan)

The Belt System of Kenpo

Below are links to the techniques required for each belt (up to 1st Degree Black)

Click the underlined belt name in this column for the names of the required techniques and katas for that belt (no manual or videos).


Basic Belt System

Manuals and videos

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Advanced Belt System

Manuals and videos

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All American Karate

instructor and here).*


*One can purchase access to videos of the techniques for a given belt once you have achieved that belt. To get access to the videos, see Mr. DeVries and submit the "Request Video Access" form (click on the "Request Video Access" tab to get to the form in the "Contact Us" page).

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