All American Karate Studio


  1.  NO street shoes or PARENTS allowed on the training floor.  Aerobic kickboxers: please carry your training shoes and put on at the studio.  Many of our students train in their bare feet and we want to keep the carpet as clean as possible.

  2.  Full BLACK or approved uniform WILL be worn during class.  A karate related T-shirt with uniform pants is approved for the summer from June 1—September 1.

  3.  Respect students who are training.  NO loud talking or horseplay in the studio, or anywhere downstairs.

  4.  NO gum, candy, food or drinks allowed on the training floor.

  5.  No jewelry worn during class.  (Except wedding rings.)

  6.  Personal hygiene should be observed.  (Clean uniform, clipped nails, etc.)

  7.  ATTITUDES will be left outside the studio.

  8.  Workout equipment is for adults only.

  9.  Shoes and coats are to be put in the appropriate changing room.

10.  If parents drop off children, please be on time, and pick up children after class.

11.  Please make your payments the first week of the month.

12.  Instructors are to be addressed as Sir, Mr., or Miss, and bow when entering or exiting the training floor.

13.  When you reach orange belt level, you are required to have your own sparring equipment, available for purchase through All American Karate Supply.  You must also have memorized the Kenpo Creed.  



Instructor’s approval is required and student’s account must be current.  A full uniform is required and the test fee must be paid the night of the test.  The fees are $25.00 for yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green; $35.00 for all brown belts, and THE BLACK BELT test fee will be discussed with the candidate.